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that was a reely lame much brain capacity if any did you use to think that one up?

the reson iv avoided sp2 is because it messed up my other comp when i attempted to install it, by messed up i meen ,the verry MINUT i installed it it froze the computer, when i restarted it my cd rom drives wouldent work at all , and it was verry slow and it disabled my internet some how so i couldent get online. i couldent fix it so i reformatted and started over agen. and never touched sp2 again.

and i never reely saw any need for works fine without it, why bother??

tell me what it dose and what is so graet about it? i still have the cd , if i have a good reson il try installing it again.

and no its not microsofts right to lie to ,trick and force people into doing somthing ,installing somthing or agreeing to somthing that is going to make ms richer and screw a lot of people over.

"However, it's not acceptable that thousands of misguided, pseudo-paranoid, uneducated, incapable users turn the Internet into a spam and worm arena. It's that simple: Don't use MS Windows or just stay offline otherwise."<----i have no idia what your talking about there, please explain ?

and im sorry about being rude in the last reply, i was pissed because i tride to reply to the dvhs convorsation twice and my "magical modem" decides to crash the computer right after i get done typing probobley an entire page. TWICE IN A ****** ROW. the sp2 thing was what set me off because i still dont beleve its true . if you can prove to me why sp2 should be installed i will definantley consider it.

and it looks like your right about dvhs onley holding 44gB insted of 400...i think i had my bits and Bytes mixed dose hold 400giga bits, wich is about 44 giga bytes. oops...

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