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thats good to know . but im allmast certen its the modem and or modem drivers. i just looked at my manuel agen and it sez that the bored supports the prescott . i installed the heatsink,fan and thermal puddy that came with the processor so it should be fine temprature-wize. and i dont have it overclocked so it shouldent be makeing any xtra heat. the ram i have installed is made by corsair and corsair is on the QVL thing so it should work. but i dont see the model# of my ram on the that bad??
this is the ram i bot for it :

im still shur its the modem...if it keeps the crap up after i quit using the modem when i get dsl in a few days, il know its somthing els (if that happens. i predict it will quit the crashing after i stop using the modem)

can i install sp2 without reformatting?? if i cant install it without reformatting it will be a last rezort.

allsow ...if you have this same mobo , do you know if the therd pata connector(the blue one on the lower right of the bored that points in a differant direction than the 2 other ones) can be used for 2 xtra HDDs without it being a RAID??? because i tride plugging in a single hdd to it and it wouldent show up in windows no matter how much i playd with the jumpers etc?