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CRT & Peerless

You guys are into some serious stuff, wish I had the time to get into PC building again.

CRT, from my own experience of adding numerous second HD drives to PCs (back when I used to work on Wi*** and NT4.0 PCs), there's a few things you must do before installation (sorry if you have done these already):

1) You have to set the switches or jumpers on the HD from master to slave, I recall that all HD leave their factory's set as "master".

2) You must set the bios to see a second HD disk, I don't think that mobos can automatically see second HDs yet without manual intervention (perhaps Peerless can clarify this point).

3) After installation, you must FDisk the 2nd drive as a slave (or ext partition). Again, maybe Peerless can clarify this point.

Obviously, I know nothing about the mobo you are working on but, if my memory serves, jumpers are best left alone unless there is some aspect of the board's performance you want to change or add to, e.g adding a PCI/SCSI card with an onboard bios.

Hope the above helps but please disregard if it is way out of date.

UK Bob

Your PC sound like it is going to be killer machine when finished.