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So far the new features look quite promising, and I really like the flexibility of adding files without losing all the previous info about a shared file. I'm getting some sense of what a major overhaul the Library work must have been. Of course, like NIO, most users won't notice those differences

Speaking of NIO and major overhauls, Sam will be really busy writing up the changelog

The OS X GUI still gets sluggish with OS 10.3's java, and Apple still hasn't given much indication they will do anything about it, but that's a separate issue.

I was roughly trying to figure out how long it took the network to double. At ~ 9 months, it's not quite Moore's law, but has Moore's L&F
The bounties program looks to be attracting more opensource talent, so that's promising too.

Was your crawler able to confirm that peak today trap_jaw, and do you have any more news/code on the spam filters? I'm still hoping your size filter at least makes it into the next release,
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