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Oups... I assumed there was a limited of 9, but it looks like it got lost somewhere in the code.
I adjusted it to max 5.

I have not spend much time thinking about it, but I dont really see the relation between QRT and number of connections. Only for a possible upper limit for QRT aggregation maybe.

I agree that Phex handles a few settings more lax then some other clients do, and I agree that there should be some restrictions about it to not allow too much abuse.
But Phex was and will always be aimed to a small and more advanced user audience, therefore there will always be less restrictive configuration options.
On the other hand this might cause that unexperienced user will not get good results with Phex since certain features will not work when configuration values are not in range, like Limes "GoodHost" rating...

I hope you can accept that we like to give the user more freedom, but of course we also like to limit an overly abuse.

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