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Salut GregorK: yes I realize Phex is targetting a more advanced userbase and that the impact of Phex users is currently small, but this is no reason to not enforce good behavior in the network (99 connections leave connections to UPs = the impact of 33 LW leaves and 50 Bearshare leaves...). Anyway good to hear it is fixed in the CVS, you are more responsive than other P2P devs

Just FYI, as UP
Bearshare: 26 intra UP connections and 65 leaves
LW: 32 intra UP and 30 leaves
As leave:
Bearshare: 2 UP connections
LW: 3 UP connections

Going outside those limits is risky as to the efficienty of the current network topology.
The 64KB QRT is only limiting for the number of leaves an UP should allow, more than 40 would create a lot of false positive by filling too much the QRT.


Salut arne_bab, I'll try to answer those questions the best I can

1) you mean as a host leave without Bye packet? I believe 60-120 seconds without answers would discredit a left or unresponsive host. However not sure of what you mean

2) For downloads, 6-10 simultaneous hosts should be used by Phex for EACH download, this includes current downloads sources + the number of hosts you are queued into (number of hosts you are dling one file from + hosts you are into their queue for that file< 6-10 hosts)
For uploads, concurrent uploads to same users should be between 1 and 3. I personnaly think the upload slots by default should allow each downloader to get at least 2 KB/s, ie 20KB/s upload capacity = max 10 upload slots.
The queue should be no longer than 10, more = waste of downloaders time + waste of bandwidth.

3) Push? Do you mean push proxies or old Gnutella pushes (not sure of what Phex supports...) I'm not sure about that one, old pushes should maybe be 120 seconds while push proxies should nrmally be much faster, say 60 seconds (I think someone should look into LW source code or GTK-Gnutella source).

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