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Default Why do i see Connecting... always?

Hello, I have been having a problem with limewire for a while now, I have 40 songs """downloading"""" at the moment but the only problem is they arent actually downloading, they have like 20-95% done but all i see now is Connecting... even if i wait for like 3 hours.........nothing will happen nothing will download BUT once in a blue moon something will actually start DLing again but it will go for 1-4 kb/s andwill alst for about 5-10 seconsd before going back down to 0 and say the connecting thing again.....i tried out seeing if it was something wrong with the files somehow or if it was something else so i tried DLing a random song and starts downloading at 50-70kb/s......but when its done nothing else happens, COULD ANYONE please help me out with this any suggestions would help