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The best ways to restart your incomplete files.

* Search the topic of each again.
* Vary the searches.
* Browse the hosts of that or similar files, which can sometimes restart incompletes if you have more than one file from a particular user. Also sometimes incomplete files can be browsed to the source if they have the chat icon visible.
* Do a direct connect to the user, which has a similar effect to the latter. See Direct Connect & Browsing (3rd post has links.)
* Use the Resume/Find Sources button. (Warning: Don't use the Resume button on all incomplete files. This can have side-fx such as affect LW's connection quality. May queue your files for much much longer. This will also stress LW & your comp. If you use Resume/Find sources then just apply it to a couple or so at one time.

*** Some hints:

- After opening LW wait 10 to 20 mins before using. Let it settle down 1st.

- A well set-up LW can start to automatically continue its dwnlding after it's settled down perhaps 2 out of 3 times you open LW. Optimising LW & Maximising Uplds & Dwnlds A & also Part B (1st post only but ignore the banning of ip's on a network as LW has since overcome this problem) & last & least are search & dwnld hints. The latter one I've been thinking about re-writing for some time. That's just for playing it safe. eg- I show all speeds & qualities.

eg: Quik Question

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