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Dear Mr. Tube,

Please copy ALL of your important personal stuff to a CD...

Then, depending on the manufacturer of your Hard Disk Drive, download/acquire the suitable-to-type 'initial format tool' program such as Disk Wizzard for SEAGATE drives...
All the HDD manufacturers offer these 'tools' for their drives.

When you have whatever program you need (on a bootable CD), run a format from said CD to completely eliminate Window$ XP...


Smart stuff here...

Install Windows 2000 Professional and, while partitioning the C:\ drive, allow about a 40GB partition for a Linux installation to follow the Win 2k install...


Fools use XP... MEGA-FOOLS use XP Home.

The 'corporate world', including government agencies, DO NOT use Windows anymore.

Think about it, heh ?

If you get any crap such what like as ntldr missing or any problems with your machine reading from CD on boot, ya' all get back to us, hear ?