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guys , this thread is farley old now...iv fixed all of the problems with the pc other than the crashing ,wich i know the cause of (faulty modem) , if it keeps it up after i quit using the modem when i get dsl il start a new thread.

im not going to uninstall xp pro because: i allredy payed for it , it runs fine and smooth other than the soon to be fixed moadem prob, it looks better than 2k linux mac etc, as peerless sed it suports HT and sata150 etc, it runs mor software than anything els and reformatting agen would be an asspain.

windows xp is fine and pefectley safe to use if you know what you are doing, moast of the "holes" in it can be "plugged up" one way or another. MOAST of windows(automatic update is a lame idia) is good and works verry niceley . MICROSOFT on the other hand is full of shi* for many obvious resons.

peerless, how do you get your dolphins in every poast you make ?? i have a pictur of a cheeseburger i want to do the same thing with and i cant get it to show up nomatter what i try. how do i get pictures into every poast i make???