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OK, after reading my post, I guess I wasn't very specific as to what I'm running. I will now provide that information, as well as some serious flaws in GnoTella 0.73 that I have found.

First of all, let me say that Gnotella is by far the best client that's currently available. Thanks for the awesome App Shaun and Yytrium! I only wish I could help you folks debug it or be a beta tester for ya! OK, now on to the good stuff

System is as follows:
192 Meg Ram
CableModem Connection (with ICS Proxy Host)
Windows 2000 SP1

***Note that these problems were all seen BEFORE SP1 as well, so it's not the Service Pack... I'm fairly positive that the problems have nothing to do with ICS either...***

1) Right after the install, I played with some numbers and was able to crash the program immediately... try typing 9999999999 in some of the fields under config. You get some nice buffer overflow errs!

2) I have not been able to get many, IF ANY, search results. I CAN with Gnutella 0.56, but not with GnoTella's 0.73. Something seriously needs to be worked on here... I don't think it's network congestion either.

3) SCANNING YOUR FILES... I really really don't like this... There should be an option for GnuTella to scan your mp3 bitrates or not. It takes FOREVER to load because of this, and I'd much prefer it to not have to go through the process each load time (or maybe have it save SOME information so that it'll 'remember' what it scanned before)

4) PROCESSOR USAGE is freaking unbelievable... I'm seeing CONSTANT 70% from GnuTella, and that has just got to be fixed. I don't understand how it could be using so much - it even makes my pimped-out system stutter every now and then... Not happy....

5) The Main Problem... Things shut down. The Host Catcher gets empty, hosts remain connected but stop transferring information, and nobody can download any songs from me. I WANT people to download my music, but with the latest version 0.73, nobody can get through! What's the deal here guys?

OK, enough of my rants... I'm stuck here at work and feel like bitching, that's all. Thanks for a great product - I only wish that I could somehow help you guys to make it the best it can be.

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