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i thought this was bug reports forum... hmmm, PUC_snakeman you need to learn what bugs are... (comments on your previous post below...)

#1 if your screwing with the configuration chances are the program will crash or get screwed up. So this isn't a bug.

#2 the search problem IS DUE to congestion... i got great search results in the morning, but later during the day i couldn't get jack... probably because there were more people on GnuNET. So this isn't a bug, and i've heard Yythium say that many times alreay...

#3 the scanning files isnt' a bug... i suggest posting about this in the suggestions area if you want it to be changed... napster does the same thing so i don't see what the problem is.

#4 this is probably a problem on your part! i have a 133 megahertz computer with not much RAM, and it isn't causing me a problem. Try having less connections or something...

#5 i have no idea what your talkin about with #5, im not having any problem of the sort... i have many uploads and incoming connections. Again this may be due to network congestion.

I bet if you really want to help make gnotella better you think before you make your posts. I bet you didn't stop for half a second to realize that most of the problems you mentioned are caused by GnOtella, therefore Yythrium can't do jack to fix it. I bet it gets really old to hear people go on and on about stuff they have no control over!

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