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Unhappy dummy me

Well, I'll join in and admit that we were also duped by We joined the lifetime membership...I know, I know, it was stupid...for about 40 bucks. We thought since the whole stink with Napster that you could only get filesharing software if you paid for it. My brother in law, who the biggest "soulseek" fan you'd want to meet, kept telling me that I shouldn't have to pay for anything. I should have listened to him. When I asked for a refund, they told me the 30 day refund time has passed and I'm out of luck.'s the email transaction between me and the oh so bright one at

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that your service was a scam until today
when I actually became educated on the hundreds of these scams running on
the net that take unsuspecting people's money for a service that you don't
even offer...or for a better choice of words, for a service isn't yours. I
can go to and download it for free..completely without your
service. It certainly shouldn't have cost me $43.15. So what exactly is this
"lifetime" membership giving me? Filesharing software that's free to
download if only you know to visit their website? But that's ok. I will be
reporting this and passing this information on to to others. I will also be
filing a claim with paypal about your service. Hopefully they will be able
to assist in the refund of my $43.15. If you would like to read more
information on your scam and hundreds like yours just visit

Their reply:
We don't sell the software you use. We only provide tech support for it.
GnutellaForums is a sight maintained and operated by and is
biased against all others. Our service is not a scam and is a valuable
service to many of our customers. For some it is unnecessary which is why
we offer a 30 day refund policy. Try getting that from any of the other



What more can I say?? But I really appreciate you guys informing people that these guys are cons. I'll chalk it up to experience but maybe posts like this will help other uninformed people make the right decision.
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