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Default mymusicinc.

I came here looking for a different subject and learn I've been duped by the same company. I called the 908-248-3113. I'll wait and see if I hear anything, it didn't have any company name to it though. I came across their site from gateway when I thought, great, I'll try that to get a year's worth of Starbucks, and gateway rewards is another scammer too.

I'm angry about this of course, they keep emailing me too (mymusicinc.), but this is 3-4 months ago I did this, but I'll report it to my bank as fraud. Don't see much else I can do.

If I may ask, how do I know which songs and movies I download are safe to share as I don't want lawyers and attoryneys knocking on my door for illegal sharing. I have copied a lot of stuff into other folders on my computer, but I don't know if all can be put up to share, how can I be safe in the sharing, I want to share without problems, please help.

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