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Originally posted by Shelelagh
Here's another thing I would like to know - and maybe this has already been asked and answered....HOW is it that these companies (mp3downloadhq, etc etc etc and so on forever and ever) are legally operating!?!? It seems to me, that what they are advertising is CLEARLY not what they are selling! Isn't that fraud? Isn't that illegal? Now, I'm sure that they have their loophole, but I would really like to know what it is.
Well, if they do it legally is uncertain--see for more. However, this snip probably shows WHY it's so quick, easy and profitable. By the time the "laws" can get going, the sites have moved, changed their names, or just gone laughing all the way to their tax shelters
One individual who ran a website similar to the two identified in this complaint reported that she received 20 to 30 subscriptions a day over a 3 month period
I guess $100,000 is just too much to resist, and is probably easier with less risk than robbing a bank.
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