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Angry was i scammed, too?

1st time I've visited the forums--was looking for some answers to something I once read after starting LW; NOW i think i've been scammed, too. Here's what I paid and my purchase info:

iPay Receipt

Sheila Flanagan
5703 Old Niles Ferry Road
Greenback, TN 37742

Dear Sheila,

We appreciate your purchase on

Web Site Name:
Purchase Date/Time: 1/19/2005 8:41:03 AM
Credit Card Number: 54xxxxxxxxxx3470
Your Subscription Number: 159369102

You have purchased access to at for $44.90.

Today's charge is $44.90.

Your credit card will be billed as*My Music Inc.

Please allow 24 hours from the time of purchase before attempting to cancel your subscription.


Customer Service

AFTER I did this, LW is what I downloaded and have been using, tho' i have the same issues: music--no problemo! movies? can't get 1 single true movie via search in LW. I remember I paid extra for the ability to get movies--not just music.

The original search that led me here, was something about being sure a movie file was a minimum size to ensure its authenticity. now i can't find any tips on that issue but the few items "so-called" movies i've downloaded are only advertisements or i get the same msg about codecs.

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