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Angry SCAM Site Reselling P2P Clients

A website by the name of
is a scam site they say that they offer a legal way to download mp3s and movies the pay back the copyright holders. They offer a lifetime membership a one time fee of 34.95. When you pay this fee you are then allowed to login to they're members only area. Once you login you are given nothing more then links to download freely available p2p clients. Limewire, WinMX, Freewire, Morpheus, edonkey, grokster, and Imesh.

Interestingly once you login you are presented with a warning that says if you try to reverse the charges on your credit card they will charge you an additional 80.00 dollars. They also state that they are not responsible for what you download.

On they're main page of the site it shows small screen shots of limewire, Unfortunatly I figured that out once I already paid.

Please pass this info onto others. I'm Unsure if there is any recourse I can take to get these thieves site taken down. There website looks like it is based in the U.S.A. but the actual credit card charge company is located in the United Kingdom the charge company is shopper@

If anyone knows a way to find out where this site is located or if they can be sued or prosecuted by me or the makers of the software they are profiting from please let me know. Hopefully the authorities can go after them.


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