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I have tried alot of the things here also. I am using 4.8.1 PRO and every time i open it and try to connect it trys and then my entire internet goes down on my computer. NO netscape or Internet Explorer or anything for 10 mins then it starts back up. I am using a D-Link 524 router that is hooked up to 3 computer and a wireless laptop. One other computer and the laptop always have LW working when they want. The settings on the other computer are not alot diffrent than mine. I tried disabling the windows firewall and Norton is all off also. I am using XP pro with all the updates, 1 gig ram, p4 2.6 40g HDD if that makes any diffrence. I dont know why it works on the other ones and not this computer. I did notice that when i looked at the limewire on the one computer it shows its port as 6348 not 6346 and i tried changing it here with no luck. I think its a router thing or sometihng like that. It is just strange it shuts my LAN down for my computer when i try to connect. I cant even access the network once it shuts it down i have to sit and wait 10mins for it st start back up. Let me know if you have any ideas or need any more info.
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