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I quickly looked through those and dont see how they could help. I have done the prefernce thing and shut off all firewalls and still no luck. I seem to think its a router/network issue as it shuts down my network for my computer when i try to connect to LW it shuts me off the network for 10 mins. Dont get it but it works on the other computer so it must be either my computer and how its set up on the network and router. I dont get it. were all running XP pro but i di notice mine has more icons under network connections. The one computer upstaris has jsut Local Are connection and thats how it connects to the routher and everytihn works for him. Wher i have 1394 connection as one icon and Network bridge as another icon and a local area connection as the last and it is never enabled it usually is disabled but does not change anytihng either way so the network and internet is running off the other two connections whatever they are???
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