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Originally posted by atwt107.9
The recent Supreme court ruling won't thwart peer-to-peer all that much. Maybe make it a little less convenient, maybe make the P2P apps a little harder to find, but that's all. Various bits of other banned software are still widely distributed. Why would P2P apps be any different? Gnucleus, eMule, Shareaza, Limewire - there is plenty of source code from which to draw "inspiration".

I hope you don't go away. This place could become rather untidy without the cleaning lady.

BTW - Some other P2P forums are bearly functional anymore. Whassup wid dat? Good to see this place is still here.
"THE FORUM IS CURRENTLY OFF" but they still appear willing to take your $$$ looking at the website.

Clues are welcome...*c*

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