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Default Re: This may be one of my last posts here, BUT...

Originally posted by ursula
... phuque the Masters of the ignorant masses of the People's Republic of Dumfukistan.

Ditto for said ignorant masses who worship the stains on the knickers of their 'leaders'...

phuque The People's Republic of Dumfukistan, and all of the death and terror for which it 'stands'.

Clear enough, boys and girls ?

p2p CANNOT be thwarted... Only psychotic and atrophied truly terroristic 'governments' can be destroyed...
For the good of all...

Hahaha, given the title of this lovely thread, I was expecting something far longer and less boring from you, ursula or should I say pripla? Much like you to keep it short and cut straight to the bullshit.

Good luck, doing whatever it is you do when you're not an utterly conceited waste of time and space...
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