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Originally posted by Lord of the Rings
trippinout38 sometimes when you swap over to pro it's advisable to delete the LW preferences whilst LW is closed; instructions: Fixes for Limewire I suggest this b/c your LW was obviously working ok before.

Clay911: see Configuring Norton Internet Security
I also have a DI Link but I was forced to forward a port. I don't think DI Link use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP.) If you wish to try port forwarding then use the following instructions very carefully & in that order. Most important is setting up a static ip. Also do a separate port forward (PF) for both TCP & UDP.

1. Set up a static ip

2. Forward Port 6346, instructions for this & setting up a static ip here: (Find LimeWire on the list when you get to the PF stage!)

3. Within LW: Manual port forward instructions & sample image & 2 posts after that.
the fixes for limewire thing didnt work. i have no idea how to set up a static ip. could you explain this to me as if i know nothing about the ip stuff? i rally appreciate your help.
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