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Default Not liking the little white pages

Ive been dowloading from the site now for.....2 years now, and in the last couple of weeks....90 percent of my downloads are
saved in the "complete" folder as "document.

Ive read all the threads I think on this, Ive downloaded "Mac Army Knife" and I have pretty much not a clue on how it works, and
with nothing include in the folder for instructions....well I would cause more trouble
knowing me.if I tried to wing it.

Drop Expander says that the files are not compressed, Ive tried to drag and drop
into Quicktime and i Tunes.....nodda.

I tried to convert it to MP3 using "Advanced"
in i Tunes and it said it was unable to reconize the program that created it.

I think thats it?......... I did this with 6 differant downloads.

I don't know why all of a sudden I get these "Little white page icons" (with folded corner) instead of the Quicktime icons Ive always gotten with the exeption of a Realplayer or windows one now and then.

Im thinking that maybe in the "Tools" section of Limewire I adjusted something or
turned something on or off?

How can I reset that stuff, is there a default reset? ... should I just reinstall.

last but not least, Im running on a ibook graphite OS 9.2 DSL-Cable

Thanks in advance.
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