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Originally posted by The Seeker
That's not quite right. XoloX does not find more servers by exact file name and file size, but by search querry and file size.


would all be found and used if they had the same size and you searched for 'shrek avi'

If you do a search yes you will see all three listed separately each with a score of their own. You could download each of them seperately. That isn't the point.

The point is that Xolox should figure out that they are the same (or allow you to manually combine them into a single listing), IF THE FILE SIZES WERE EXACT.

That was instead of three listings each with a score of 2, you would then see one listing with a score of 6.

If you then chose to download this, Xolox would then be able to download it from six sources for a much faster download then it would have had they not been combined into a single entry.

I am currently downloading "Tomb Raider, Divx.avi" and "Tomb Raider, Divx(1) only fast downloads.avi" separately even though the file sizes are both 701,380,608 bytes. Unforuately one download got to 50% and then stalled while the other is just gotten itself up to 25%.

If Xolox were able to combine matching files by file size (even though one has been renamed by a user) then my download would be currently at 75%.

There is a VERY REMOTE chance that two users separetely ripped the movie using different settings or codecs but the two files just happened to have the identical file size. If the downloads were combined as described the resulting file would be a useless corrupted file. Now realistically, what are the chances of the happening (one is 701.38 million, I'd guess). So I'd have to conclude that the combining idea would in reality be VERY SAFE.