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The length in seconds of the file you are downloading is given in the search panel (usually). This should give you an idea if the album is indeed an album. I have seem many files marked ALBW which are clearly not ... (from the file size).

A note on ALBW - Albumwrap, while we are here .... (I would like to add a bit (later) to the sticky on downloading complete albums, which would be helpful .... is that possible?)

If a file is marked ALBW and you can sucessfully preview it during download, it is NOT ALBW. You have to download it fully before you can extract and hear the files if the file is a true ALBW.

Perhaps you are getting an incomplete file. These are getting very comon, and I do wish people would not share incomplete files OR mark them clearly as incomplete!
I also wish the default setting on limewire was to NOT share incomplete files
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