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Arrow flashing moving MAJOR TOPICS for Open Discussion HELP

Below are links to major topics you should see BEFORE posting about the topic if still need to post after reading. (click on links!)

WARNING: Viruses on network you should be aware of!

Influx of Porn recently being Spammed on Network - How to Stop most Porn & other marketing spam returning in your search results

A few things to consider while configuring Limewire for optimal performance..."


Membership? - **WARNING ** BEWARE** - Download p2p Clients ONLY Thru Official Sites - beware lifetime offers or unlimited downloads from scam sites

If You Stopped Sharing & Now Cannot Find Your Shared Folder, READ THIS !

How to use Bitzi Web Lookup ... & How to use Magnet Links & Direct Connect/Browse/or Chat

How to transfer music to my iPod (& iTunes) & Mac OSX users also See Here

iTunes 7.7 not compatible with LimeWire

How to Download a Complete Album? _ AlbumWrap/ALBW files

Burning a (audio) CD from your MP3's (Windows) ____ Also recommended to see Major Topics for Tips & Tricks

Organisations trying to connect via Port 6346

CODECs list and alternate players for Movies and Music

What you should know about WMA & WMV Files

LimeWire Manual

Questions about audio or video, see Major Topics for Tips & Tricks and/or Tips & Tricks - Gnutella Forums

Other Stickys you may find some answers: Major Topics for General Windows sticky --- Major Topics for General OSX Help --- Download/Upload Problems Sticky --- Connections Problems? Look here before posting! --- Major Topics for OSX Installation Help --- Major Topics for Tips & Tricks --- MAJOR TOPICS for Windows Installation problems --- Major topics for Getting Started with either LimeWire 4 or 5 --- Major Topics for 'LimeWire Tips & Tricks'
--- Major Topics for VISTA & Windows 7 issues

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