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Old July 31st, 2005
Kenneth Paul
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Ok........ todays topic, "AVI and MPG files"

Ive had great success opening MP3's with
the "Mac Army knife"

When I try this with a MPG file.... nadda, the file icon is still looking like a white page.

So A. can the Army knife do MPG

B. If my file is 500 to 700 megs vs. a MPG file that is 4-7 megs, will it take longer
or the same time to covert?

C. I get a 8-10 didget code prefixed to
the T-840058576. does the
computer need that info to convert
the file properly? or can I hack it off
to shortian the file name and add a
.AVI or. MPG or .Mov to the end?

D. Also, on a coversion chart that you
show what to put in as sorce info for
convertig files, ie- Divx = VfW = TVOD

You have for .mov file MPG *
So is it MPG, or MPG * ?

OK, just for those of you that have joined us....... I am running 9.2 on a Graphite ibook
that is fully loaded with only 360 megs of ram. just so you know my limitations.

Im aware that I could run osX on here, but I was told that it would slow down my Comp. cause it's a power hungry OS, which is fine if you have the G4 or 5 with a gig of memory.

someday .......

Last but not least.......... is there a way to ignor files from a particular person?

Example, Ive gotten false files big woop, the 104.00 KB files with the Apple pablicitys, easy enough to spot.

But Ive been getting these files discissed as TV show clips "Rude ****" is the name of these guys, you click what you think is South Park....... and this cartoon of a guy
taking a dump pops up with some porno playing in the background, then it launches your browser to there porn site.

I can now see that they put there stuff out in .mov format using a T-1 line and average
file size seems to be 8,000 KB

Can I tweak any preferances in tools or what not so that If I go to download a file I want.....and it's not lagit..... the settings can recognize that the file is from these guys and refuse it? ......does that make sence?

OK.......fewwwwwww, thats it

Best, KP
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