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I'll need to get back to you about the video files. I'll need to reboot in OS 9. But just one quick point I noticed is that T-840058576 represents an incomplete file. I guess it will be temporarily at least be shortened due to OS9's naming restrictions. But after completion the file name will drop that T-840058576 at the beginning of it. So you wish to change the file info before the file is complete. Hmm not sure. I've never tried it. But I will say that video files are much more sensitive to having their info changed. Always make a backup of the file BEFORE you change any details just in case you get it wrong.

I'll 1st need to check various video types in OS 9 within Mac Army Knife before I get back to you within the next few days.

BTW OS X on my computer starts up much faster than OS 9. I use a dual boot comp.

Oh & about blocking certain hosts, yes it can be done. Just collect the ip address & add it to the Tools>Options>filters>Hosts. The problem is though that some or many people use dynamic ip's which change every couple of days. You might also be able to add it by control-clicking on the host. But I'm not sure if that option is available in OS9 version LW.

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