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Thanks for replies

Originally posted by ursula
One must assume from your comments above that you are in an administrative role... OR, gosh and golly, maybe even a real parent !!! ???
God no, im not a parent At least not yet

Im actually having a small home network which i share with several other roommates. The only difference is that i have got all the passwords and the understanding of how that all works.

Thoses guys are using Limewire. I have to admit that LW is a vary good software so while it is been used all the internet goes terriblly slow. Not very good for me since i never use gnutella.

The case though is that im not farmilia how to configure Netgear DG834G router to block 6346 port. I mean i did configure built-in firewall for blocking in- & out- connections for any local IP addresses, but it doesnt stop LW from getting connected and working.
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