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i have a linksys router, but you might also have the ability to do the same in the netgear router with a slight modification to the steps. but in my advanced setup, it has a filters tab, i click that and i have full control over which computers can access outside of my network, along with which computers can access which ports, and network wide port filtering.

if your users are dumb enough, they would never no how to change limewire to use another port if you block it. you may want to disable upnp also. but like as i was saying, if they happen to find out how to change the port number, then that block wont work. but you can always figure out what port they set it to via the routers DHCP clients table (if your network is using dhcp) along side using the router log to verify which computer is accessing which ports. (atleast on my router it has this)...

if you want to goto the extreme, (on my router) you can block mac addresses (nic hardware addresses) (or IP addresses if mac blocking is too difficult) from using a certain protocol on a range of ports. however, gnutella is not on the list (since its not a standard network protocol)... BUT if you block the UDP protocol on all ports (1 to 65535), then LimeWire wont be able to do any FW2FW transfers at all. (this means no uploads or downloads.) and remember to disable the upnp service on the router so their machines cant open ports because this will circumvent the whole process.

but it still will beable to connect to the network using tcp (which is RECOMMENED THAT YOU SHOULD NOT BLOCK TCP since that is the basic communication protocol of the internet, and you would block your users from accessing even webpages).

-this is not a guide, but it is reference as to what you may want to do-


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