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Default What features would you like to see?

I am currently in the process of developing a gnutella servent, due most likely for release about the 28th Nov - 10th Dec (after uni exams
It is nearing feature completeness (i.e. routes packets, culls bad packets, performs searches, downloads/uploads).
The servent will be open source, to be hosted on sourceforge, and will be called Gnutelligentsia (couldn't think of anything better), and is written in C++
My question is this: What features would you like to see in a new gnutella client? What is missing in the clients you have used thus far?
I am working on an advanced search results interface, continuing on from that seen in clients such as gtk-gnutella (i.e. auto selection of similar results) - but search results will be contained in a tree, with files of the same name being child nodes in the same branch (get the idea?)
Anyways, I'll stop rambling, but I'd appreciate your feedback and comments..
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