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Post Finding files that he didn't download in his file.

Until you stand for something you fall for everything.

I have read a number of your replies to MChapman II about it being impossible to have files added to your personal list of downloads. I too have found this a number of times. The first time it happened I thought perhaps I had been careless in chosing the file I wanted. So I became very careful about which files I chose to download.

After thinking it through it just didn't seem possible either. I had NEVER searched for those file titles and certainly couldn't have accidently chosen to download them.

Sure enough, this morning I checked LimeWire and the files I was downloading when I went to bed. There were two more files that I know for sure without a doubt that I did not download. One was WWWrestling and another was about a race car.

Computers have been a steady part of my life since 1972 when we didn't have internet but did have dedicated power lines to run our computers. The lines the computer plugged into were strapped in so nothing could pull the plug out. A screw driver had to be used to undo the metal strap holding it in the plug.

Everything ran on dos, no guis. or happy faces then. Therefore, I know I am not the novice MChapman II is and I know what I saw.

When MChapman II talks about junk, I know how he feels. Today I downloaded a file that was to be a Queen Latifa comedy. It turned out to be VERY graphic pornography. Those are things I'd like to see regulated, as well as downloading a file for some time only to find it is ad for a movie peddler.

Thank you for allowing me to vent! MChapman II, I hope this helps validate your findings. Another password? Oh please!
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