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jesse14 if your modem router has a UPnP switch then turn it on. Else you may need to do port forwarding. See & find a PDF which explains how to do it for your model. OR use these instructions: Port forwarding instructions for the SMC7004VBR

The steps are: 1. Set up a Static ip. 2. Forward a port such as 6346. 3. Within LW: Manual port forward instructions & sample image & 2 posts after that.

Did you configure your firewall so it allows LW full access (advisable not to have 2 active firewalls b/c they can interfere with each other); Firewall configuration instructions (click on link)

BTW I recently heard some bad things about Rogers isp re: p2p They may be filtering p2p.

kingreni does your router have a UPnP switch? If yes then turn it on. Otherwise you may need to forward a port (open a port to allow LW access.) If you already did port forwarding, then you MUST use a different port to another computer. You can only forward a particular port for one comp. You'd need to use a different port no. if you wanted to do it for 2 comp's that are using Gnutella programs.

Also configure your XP Firewall, see the link to instructions above.

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