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OK. I'm sick of this.

Pick ten files and hit Download. A little while later... 53% Awaiting Sources 74% Awaiting Sources 13% Awaiting Sources 24% Awaiting Sources 17% Awaiting Sources 91% Awaiting Sources 56% Awaiting Sources 63% Awaiting Sources 22% Awaiting Sources 11% Awaiting Sources

I think it's high time something was done to stop it getting a bit of one file, then a bit of another, etc. and then giving up on them all instead of just downloading the blasted things. And these weren't even huge files with only one source or anything -- they were small files.

Canceling them all and hitting them all again from the search list gets maybe two of them to actually complete, and some more to get some more progress, and so on.

It would be better for the network if people could just start the client, pick files to download, bugger off, and in a while the files are all downloaded. Instead it requires constant nursemaiding, additional manual searching (wastes time and bandwidth), doing things like restarting the client or canceling and restarting lots of downloads that are bad for the network (the latter because Limewire hangs for a good ten minutes after selecting a group of items and hitting Cancel, during which time it presumably is not participating in the network)...

It's been this way for so long it seems almost as if there's been a deliberate conscious decision to make it require constant nursemaiding if it is to download files! But that, of course, makes no sense...

I notice it doesn't require any particular nursemaiding to keep uploading files successfully. Only downloading. I wonder why?
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