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Unhappy ATTENTION LIMEWIRE TEAM - supernode problem

Hey LimeWire Team,
U guys make a hell of a gnutella client. Its the best but the new supernode client is a serious pain in the **** to use,
I can't even get it to connect. It just sits there idle, i ve tryed adding the recommended IP address you mentioned in
this thread but no luck.I tryed to change the port through the options menu to the one u suggested but after i click "apply" and then hit "ok" it freezes up.
Could you perhaps elaborate on what to do. Im so used to just firing LimeWire up and having it autoconnect.

By the way, do u see supernodes as the future to gnutella scaling? Will the gnutella network be able to interconnect to the sheer size of Fasttrack? I can't imagine the amount of content being available with everyone connected to one another.
Keep up the good work.