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Filter them out then. Use your Keyword filters. For LW 4 or FrostWire, Go to LW's menu bar, Tools>Options>Filters>Keywords & add the words .wmv & .jpg & remember you can add or remove keyword filters anytime so long as you use the Apply button. Also tick the Ignore Adult Content. See sample image: Adding to your Keyword Filter (click on this blue link). This includes instructions for both LW 4 & 5.

If you're using LW 5, you'll find the keyword filter in a different place. LW's menu bar, Tools > Options > Search, OR (if using LW 5.3 or earlier) tools > options > security. . . Click on the 'Filter Keywords' button. Now add whatever keywords to the list & click ok. Can add extensions separately in that section. Once that page has closed, click ok on the larger options page as well. (See sample image for LW 5 in above link)

Any extensions you add to the LW 5 extension filter will also prevent you sharing files with such file extensions. Instead you can use the keyword filter with a dot in front of it, example: .wma

You might want to add a few more keywords such as slut, teenager, etc.

A full list of terms you can add to the filter to eradicate porn search results: click on Text attachment below called BANNED_WORDS. (This file will open up formatted properly in WordPad & TextEdit, do NOT open the text document in Notepad!!!)
(be wary of some of these words, they may clash with what you are searching for, so they can be added & removed as you need.)

The filter-words from the following page link have already been added to the text attachment below: Keywords worth adding to your Keyword Filter. These words include different types of spam: porn, advertisements, trojan-music/videos, etc.

Click attachment to download. Open with WordPad or TextEdit or a superior word processing program! (Reiterating, do not open the text document with Notepad! Notepad is too basic to read the formatting. A hopeless piece of programming by M$! lol) Banned Words updated 7 December 2010.
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