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Question SuperNode - what is it good for?

Dear Gnutella users, dear LimeWire team,

because I'm able to provide a connection with good speed, I somehow thought that someone would like it if I run a "SuperNode" of LimeWire. But I'm missing some kind of documentation to have a developer proved this to me. So I still wonder: What is a "SuperNode", compared to a normal client? What does it do, in contrast to a normal client? Who has an advantage of me running a SuperNode? - The first difference I discovered: I don't see a client/file statistic in the lower left part (status area), only the "Connect" button count of my shared files; my SuperNode client is running fine, though - at least many many clients are being checked.

It would be nice if I could find a hint on the LimeWire web page soon - today I could not, neither with the internal search egine nor with externals.