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Default Re: still having a problem......

Originally posted by 420wolf
when I hit the "search" button, it does the search over again, starting from zero, with the same 100 or so results it gave me on the previous one, I need a way to *continue* the search with *added* results, not start it over, am I missing something important or is this just a limitation of this P2P program that I'm not aware of??
You will find I think that this is simply because there are no new hosts on line with what you want. I also search for fairly obscure stuff and the shares available just don't change that often as they do for more popular subjects.

There is no point in re-searching and still getting your previous results if those hosts are now off line ... so the search starts again from scratch. If you want to keep the old search, as I do sometimes ....Do a new identical search and you will see the two side by side

Hope this helps
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