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ukbobboy01 will become famous soon enough

I think you lack some basic understanding, lets break it down:

[Quote]I bought this wretched software less than a week ago in order to (legally)[ /Quote]

The LimeWire company cannot bestow on you the right to download copyright material legally, it does not pretend to or claim to do so. Only scam sites claim that once you have paid them a fee (for a non-existent membership or subscription) you can download anything, this is a LIE and part of their scam.

It is so bad that my wife thinks that I am the victim of a huge SCAM whereby LimeWire take your money and nothing else happens
You have married a very wise woman, pity you were not so careful when parting with your money (you should let her take care of your finances from now on). LimeWire did not scam you the site that you foolishly chose scammed you, their the ones that got your money.

You should note that LimeWire Basic is FREE, it seems that you went to a scam site (and you probably canít remember which site you went to), fell for their lies, threw your money away and all they gave you in return was a URL link to LW Basic.

You could try contact your CC company, tell them you were scammed and try to get your money back that way.

For the future, leave the internet shopping to your wife.

UK Bob

PS. Despite my sarcasm, I hope all goes well for tomorrow.
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