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Default I'm a Tecnophobe Pleeaze help!!!

Ok here goes, I've spent hours reading all the threads on this forum and have great respect for all you guys who know what your doing, and have tried to rectify my problem following the various advise but got more confused (easily done!) and am now hoping for an easier solution! So after jumping on the band wagon of Limewire Library Deleters! I tried to do the PC Inspector retriever thing and got a whole list of gobboldy gook numbers which I tried to save somewhere and now I don't know where they are!! All my limewire music is in iTunes but cannot be played due to deleting them from Limewire and all the itunes are on my ipod! If I plug my ipod into itunes will it enable me to play the itunes music again? Will it erase the music on my ipod because it won't have the limewire link? or do I need a piece of software I've heard about to be able to upload my ipod tunes onto itunes in order for me to play them again? If anyone can make sense of what i've asked 'You're a better man than me!' except I'm a woman!! Thanks to anyone brave enough to reply!
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