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im not sure why they're catching it as spyware. does the free version have ads in it? if so, that's most likely why they're flagging it as spyware.

i have a program called radmin 2.2 by famatech which is like pcanywhere, VNC, or any remote control program that is used to access a computer over the Internet. norton antivirus cannot stand it when radmin is installed on people's computers. it automatically says its a virus, however radmin is a commercial program sold by a legitimate company for legitimate purposes.

i believe norton has a comparable product to pc anywhere, therefore thats why they're flagging the thing as a virus. if it was a norton product, i seriously doubt that it'll find its own products as viruses.

the perfect way to stop viruses is to change your whole attitude about the Internet. if you treat every piece of software on p2p as a potential virus, you will notice your infections going down.

i dont run a virus scan and the last virus i had was one that was supposed to download and install while i was browsing the Internet, but I was using Firefox and the virus scanner noticed the virus in Firefox's cache.
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