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Hi Grandpa

I haven't had a problem until now. I have LW configured for UPnP and have been able to connect as such. Normally I have 32 P and 30 L connected, unless I switch to leaf by disabling UP capabilities.

Here more recently 4.9.27 and this version seems to take about an hour or so to get fully connected, and then my peers are normally 30 - 32, but the leaves fluctuate between 17 to 30.

Seems I drop 1 or 2 peers and up to 10 leaves, when doing searches.

I have received that warning box in the past, but LimeWire was still actually connected, and appeared to be coming out of idle mode. This was the 1st time it was actually disconnected, and had the firewall brick icon showing.

It hasn't duplicated yet.