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Default Re: More about a Gnutella Swarming idea

Originally posted by Moak
Hmm yes, the current Gnutella protocoll would be basically okay for swarming.

Finding most requested files
Finding matching partials
Downloading partials
Let me tell you my point of view. Your proposals seems to me too complicated to implement in the Gnutella network and brings little improvement (IMHO).

I think the worst thing about the network is the traffic needed to stay connected (pings/pongs), and the traffic that all queries generate; this is where all efforts should be made. A modem user will use most of his/her bandwitdh just to stay connected, leaving almost no bandwith for downloads/uploads. A new connection schema may be required to fix this, but then it is difficult to keep compatibility with existing clients. With lower requirements in bandwith for connection you can download/upload faster, and only then you can start to think about swarming d/l or anything else.
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