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Default Ironic

Vinnie Falco is taking irony to the extreme.He is the person that left thousands of users with corrupted PC's thanks to him bundling Onflow with Bearshare.When the end user tried to uninstall certain builds of Onflow from their computer the end result was that many users had to reinstall Windows or totally reformat the hard drive.
Falco used to slag off Limewire and its developers,and dismiss their software as "crap" now he's their best buddy.
Gnutella doesn't need Bearshare or Limewire to survive,there are plenty of talented programmers out their who don't want to make a quick buck by leeching off the filesharing community.If programmers need to make money at least have the guts to inform end users exactly what is being installed on their PC's,and the risks involved,treating your users with contempt is not the way to do it,P2P does not and never will need your sort.