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drblank1. It is apparent from your post that you have bought Limewire basic. I'm afraid to say you have been victim of many scams that cause people to pay for the Free Limewire Basic.

Limewire basic is free. Pro costs $18.88 which entitles you to 6 months of free updates of Limwewire Pro and e-mail support. All is clearly set out at :

There are many threads on this subject and if you read some of the following one you will see you are not alone:

You must get onto the site that charged you for Limewire basic, because this was certainly not Limewire.

The following thread may also be worth reading.

I advise you to contact your credit card company as you have been a victim of fraud, and also to install the proper Limewire from the first Linked site, after deleting what you now have as it is likely to be an irregular version of the application.
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