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Hi Elder

First of all, may I say how sorry I am to hear that your mother has been injured, I too have a frail mother and know of the problems than can arise. I wish your mother a speedy recovery.

As for the PC, I think you have made a mistake reverting back to Norton SW 2001, simply because the anti-virus part of it may not be able to handle modern day worms and viruses. A colleague at work told me that when he upgraded from NAV2003 to NAV2004 he found a previously missed virus, and you are still using 2001.

I use LW Pro and I have found that the latest version (4.9.28) has a problem with PeerGuardian 2, it is seen as a firewall. Even when I establish a high-speed internet connection with LW and PG2 running simultaneously LW will disconnect itself while the internet connection is still running.

So I guess, as LW is now more sensitive, you probably have something on your PC that LW is reporting as a firewall, whatever it is you have to find it a switch it off.

To conclude, you need an up to date virus scanner and in the meantime you should do an online virus scan, e.g. Symantec does one.

You need to find out what LW (the sensitive soul that it now is)is seeing a firewall and switch it off.

Hope this helps

UK Bob

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