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Default I agree

I have noticed that many times i do a search and somthing pops up repeatedly with almost exactly what i searched for. I have AVG antivirus so am very confident it can catch any virus so i often try downloading such files and 10 out of 10 times they are zip files with one file inside named "setup" and are usually around 800 kb in size. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE FILES THEY ARE VIRUSES.

I suggest you download a good antivirus like AVG (its free, google it "AVG free edition") because every time i even start downloading i get a message "you have a virus, trojan whatever" and if i choose to leave it when i open the zip file i get another "trojan alert" message. Still have not tried to run said "setup.exe" file dont know what happens after that but i really dont care to try.

In short, there are many viruses and trojans and stuff out there if you see multiple files with the exact same filesize (usually around 800kb) then leave them be.

There i said it my 10 cents worth. Give me your feedback.
- Jonathan2133
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