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Default example

As an example.

I want all the songs from The King (Elvis Presley) he has a huge amount of cd's and songs (approximately 1000). I'm missing 10 songs to have his repertoire compleet.

Then it would be better to have a option (dbase or what ever) for "the only need" files. At this point my dbase would be 990 records smaller. The turning point in this case would be somewhere reaching the 500 songs.

"Bad" word filtering is nice for words like "porn" , "dating" , "medical" , "medicine" etc.etc.

I would like to have the above option. And i want the possibility to switch it on and off before searching.

If i'm just started to find all the files for Elvis Presley the switch "those i do not have". The dbase or whatever would have a large size.
If i'm beyond the 500 files downloaded already. The switch "those files a want".

Also want to switch the dbase on and off. So i need a few switches with the dbase option.
And back up my dbasefile so i can never lose it or i can trade is with others.
Shall we trade ?? i want your Creedence Clearwater Revival file
and i sent my elvis presley file.

Switches (main screen not in options)
use dbase yes / no
those files a want on
the only need on
dowload if file size differs on
bad word filtering on (that one also useable)

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