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Ok, I don't want any flame wars. Peace.

I have been doing exactly that for some days. No offense, but I really know where to find help when I need. I did everything you said, long ago. Used all these host caches. Configured min and max connections. Tried "Remove" and "Reset" a million times.

Connections are still unstable.
Few results, no matter what.
Wait a few minutes? Maybe 2 hours, if I am lucky.
I was not running version 2.2.7 - it was version 2.3.0.

I really mean it: everybody I know, every single person I know that used to love Bearshare now hates it. Everybody stopped using it. I still won't give up. I am going to try for some time yet. I am stubborn.
Friends of mine simply unistalled it. I see people all around complaining.

Thank you for your help. I really did all that, many times.
I kept trying today for 3 whole hours. No reliable hosts, no relevant results. I didn't foung anything, not one single song I was looking for. Every song I wanted I found in WinMX or AudioGalaxy, and at the same time nothing was showing up in Bearshare.
Peace. I don't want a flame war. You are having good results with it? You are the only person I know until now that managed to use it with good results. Either you are lucky or you are lying.
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