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Originally posted by Pataya
Limewire does not need to discuss with you. Stop it, because most gnutella developers are not interested in talking with interested users.
After reading the latest the_GDF postings, I do not visit them regular, I have to agree. Most issues on swarming/superpeer/more are discussed there and never brought to bigger public. It seems a bunch of developers want to discuss only there.

As long as no other programmers or developers are interested in using this forum, I will reduce my posts here. Together with the Xolox developers it has been fun bringing in own experience and ideas! Thx. Right now the Xolox team is busy, so I hope the gnutella development will not stuck as it did the last 6 month. Finding a place for an open Gnutella developer community is still a topic I would be interested.

So long, Moak

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